September 19 – 23, 2016

Below are the featured artists who participated in the Mural Expo. Several of the murals done by these talented artists are now for sale. Please contact Mark DeCracker at for more information.


The Mural Expo successfully was brought to close on Friday, September 23, 2016, in to Fairport, New York, The Mural Expo event was offered free and open to the public from September 19 through 23, 2016, under the tent at the Woodcliff Hotel and Spa where visitors were able to watch and interact with both international and local artists during the week. Each artist with their own unique style painted  a beautiful mural on Evolon (a material that allows for easy transport and mounting),

As a result of the Mural Expo held as part of the 10th Global Mural Conference this year, we have some wonderful murals that were painted by artists donating their time and talent that are now offered for sale. Please contact Mark DeCracker at for more information.

Meet the Artists

Dawn Jordan

From: Auburn, NY


Bio: Dawn began her art studies at Cayuga Community College, and Fort Lauderdale Institute of Art, and then furthered her studies in art history at Ealing College of Higher Education in London. Dawn has extensive experience with producing murals throughout Upstate New York, and many can be viewed in pubic outdoor spaces in communities such as Macedon, Lyons, and Port Byron. Many of Dawn’s most recognizable murals are historical-themed and depict imagery of a by-gone era.

Supporting donor: Montezuma Historical Society for the Town of Montezuma

Mural: The Richmond Aqueduct: Now and Then

The mural design is based on a historic photograph of the Richmond Aqueduct when it carried the waters of the Enlarged Erie Canal over the Seneca River in Montezuma. It will be located southeast of the Seneca River Bridge along Route 31 in Montezuma Heritage Park.Work began on the “water bridge in 1849 consisting of 31 arches spanning almost 900 feet long. Designed by Van Rensselaer Richmond, American Engineer and politician from Lyons, NY, it was the second largest aqueduct built on the Enlarged Erie Canal replacing hazards of crossing directly through the Seneca River by lifting the canal over it.  The Aqueduct remained in use until 1917, when it was dismantled for the new Barge Canal System, and today seven arches remain in the Montezuma Heritage Park as testimony to its magnificent architectural features


Erica Swenson

From: Baxter, TN


Bio: Erica is a 2004 Graduate of RIT, with a Bachelors Degree in Illustration. Within the following year she became inspired by Eric Grohe and John Pugh.  Their murals introduced her to the level of illusion and depth of meaning the art form was capable of achieving.  Using the talent she honed at RIT, she completed numerous murals in her hometown, Jamestown, NY.  In 2007, to enhance her knowledge of mural painting, she interned with Murals and More, LLC based out of Franklin, TN.  She fell in love with the south and has stayed in the Nashville area accepting a variety of commissions.

Supporting donor: Town of Sodus, NY

Mural:  An aerial view of Sodus Point, highlighting the Malt House, Coal Trestle, Light House, and Customs House

Damien Mitchell

From: Australia


Bio: Damien is an Australian-born spray paint mural artist currently living in New York City. He’s  been painting for around 12 years, on walls up to 70 feet tall, all around the world. When he was 18, he moved to Prague in the Czech Republic, lived there for eight years and painted every bare wall he could find. Damien began as a street artist, yet his skill and methodology has elevated his career to include both gallery exhibits and commissioned pieces. Damien is a self-taught artist whose large, impactful images often include over-sized portraits and ubiquitous urban imagery. His work has a definite sense of humor, while also mindful of aesthetic and message.

Artists statement: I feel that by sharing the skills I’ve learned from years of painting murals with people around the world from different backgrounds, I grow as an artist and a person. Coming from the rural background of outback Australia I hope to highlight the similarities between people, despite their geographical isolation. There is a possibility for communities to come together through public art and at each wall I have painted I’ve met local artists, business people, passers by who give a local insight which contributes the look of each piece I paint.

Supporting donor: Global Mural Conference

FOR SALE: Mural Greetings From Rochester 


Fernanda Gonzalez Latrecchiana

From: Buenos Aires, Argentina


Bio: Art became to be the most adventurous part of my life. I discovered Grand Scale Art in California; it is a huge step forward for an artist, and there’s NO way back. There is something especially magic in “feeling smaller ” than the projects! Mural art is an amazing way to communicate; to socialize. To be a part of a foreign place and belong heart-fully. It makes people look at their own towns through the artist’s eyes.

I was born in Argentina, and studied art in University in Buenos Aires. I had great mentors, sculptors, painters, art teachers; but what had moved me more was learning to say yes to huge challenges, like a hundred and forty feet long mural project that took me almost a year to complete. Through that, I have learned to get involved with every scene of the giant story board. How the client wanted to tell his own story to a large audience, a multicultural audience, passing fast, at a glance. I love to travel and belong completely to the art project that takes me into destiny! There is such a noble satisfaction in being the Gift that a town requires from an artist.

Some of my projects are in California, around the Bay Area, Capitola, Santa Cruz; Jiangxi Province in China; South of Argentina (Patagonia), and private residences in several regions of Argentina, and the US.

I work as a mural artist for my town in Buenos Aires and have participated in several Global Conferences. My mentor and reference is Mr. Karl Schutz who taught me to believe major changes can be done by trusting and following my artist spark and my own true heart.

Sponsoring Donor: Fairport Rotary

Mural: Honoring Fairport Rotary’s impact on their community through service and donation.

Qian Ye

Nationality: Chinese


Bio: Qian Ye is both a musician and an artist. She was born in Zhejiang province, China, and grew up in Shanghai. After finishing her music bachelor degree in Shanghai Conservatory, she moved to Russia to pursue her master degree, receiving her Masters of Music in Opera Performance, Concert Performance and an Artist Diploma (Master degree) from N. Novgorod Glinka State Conservatory in Russia. In 2013, she also received her Bachelors in Communications. In 2015, was awarded a masters degree in Master of Science in the Organizational Leadership, in Nyack College, NY, USA.

Since she was very young, Qian has worked as an artist. In 1995, she won the third price in the “ZheJiang City Young Artist Competition” in China. In 2009, her art career of oil paintings began to grow and become more influential. In April 2016, “360 Degrees Qian Ye art exhibition” will be hosted in Nyack NY. She has committed her heart and life into the art and music, “Live for art, live for love.”

Mural: FOR SALE – “Path to Freedom”  

This mural compares our Underground Railroad history to the the plight of the Chinese people under communist rule.



Olivia White, Lake Shore High School, Class of 2017
Melanie Gates, Lake Shore High School, Class of 2016

Country: US

Mural:  Haudenosaunee Cultural Mural –  Nya:wëh

This mural was created to display Haudenosaunee culture. Many people are not aware that Haudenosaunee culture is growing and thriving in Western New York. The artists of this piece hope that it expands an awareness of Native American art, culture, laws, and sovereignty. The concept of this piece is to show how traditional aspects of Haudenosaunee culture have become more modern. The sun and the moon are traditional elements in Haudenosaunee culture. The sun is referred to as “Elder Brother the Sun” and is thought of as a family member. The moon is referred to as “Grandmother Moon.” She is a caregiver and grandmother to everyone on Earth. One modern aspect of this piece is represented by the woman who is smoke dancing, traditionally a men’s dance. Another example of modern change is the four girls playing lacrosse. Historically, the game of lacrosse was used as a way to resolve conflict between tribes without going to war and only men were allowed to participate. One thing that has remained the same throughout our history is the clan system. The deer, snipe, hawk, heron, bear, beaver, wolf, and turtle seen on the mural are the clans of the Haudenosaunee. It is the hope of the artists that this piece inspires a respect and appreciation for our culture. Nya:wëh

Haudenosaunee Cultural Mural –  Nya:wëh

Jane Grace Taylor

Country: USA

As an artist and certified art teacher, Jane Grace Taylor who resides in Webster, NY, likes work that involves the exploration of history and a free unfettered brushstroke, She specializes in watercolors, figure drawing, portraits and photography, Taylor’s work as a mural artist includes a sixty-foot wall in Rome, NY; Starks Landing, a hundred foot wall along old Erie Canal; Fife and Drum Corps, Camden, NY;  Dr King Memorial Park, Utica, NY;  Sports Hall of Fame, and numerous others.

She has trained with East Asian masters such as Lingnan master Henry Wo Khee Chee, Cheng-khee Chee ,Ning Yeh and Jackson Li Asian style watercolors. Her awards include: Winner of: Best in Show, “Taipei”  Cultural Award, Scotty Thornton Award, Shibui Chapter Award in Sumi’e Society of America international exhibitions, “Best in Show” at the New York State Fair.  Presently she is showing work at the National Watercolor Exhibition in Old Forge, NY, and has done a book illustration: “The Legend of Beardslee Manor” by A . Peter Polus. Her work and workshops are available at : The Art Stop,1822 Penfield Rd, Penfield, NY; The Old Mill Gallery, Main St, Honeoye Falls, NY;  Hungerford Gallery #228,1115 E Main St, Rochester, NY; 1st Fridays Full Moon Reflections, 80 Main St, Camden, NY.

Mural: FOR SALE – Tears on the Canal

Jane’s mural tells the lost story of the removal of the Oneida Nation to Green Bay Wisconsin.  They were forced to leave their homeland traveling on the Erie Canal to Buffalo where they were loaded on a steamboat  and sent off to Green Bay, Wisconsin.

FOR SALE: Tears on the Canal

Charlie Johnston

Winnipeg, Canada

Johnston graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and began his career painting for Viacom on billboards. Over the next 12 years he became known as one of the top pictorial painters in the industry. The job was to recreate designs that were submitted by ad agencies. The work contained all the elements of traditional painting, and was done with oils. Since then he has went on to start his own company, C5 Artworks, and has become one of the best-known artists behind Winnipeg’s 500-plus murals. In 2011, he was commissioned to paint a mural celebrating Colquitt, Georgia, playing host to the the Global Mural Conference funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The 360-degree mural was painted on a 27,000-square-foot peanut silo featuring a monumental image of a peanut farming examining his crop.

Charlie was commissioned to paint a mural at the Expo to be installed at the Seneca Falls, NY Women’s Rights National Historical Park. Superintendent Ami Ghazala stated, “Women’s Rights National Historical Park is thrilled to partner with the Association and artist Charlie Johnston. As we approach 2017, the New York State Suffrage Centennial, and 2020, the National Suffrage Centennial, we expect the mural to draw international and national visitors to Seneca Falls, the site of the first women’s rights convention.


G. Peter Jemison

Country: USA

Jemison’s mural is entitled the Iroquois Creation Story which begins in the Skyworld when a woman we call, Skywoman falls from the Skyworld. She is pregnant during part of her descent, and is guided by Comet. He brings her to the back of water birds who guide her onto the back of a sea turtle. A muskrat brings earth from the bottom of the sea that Skywoman pushes around to form Turtle Island or North America. Skywoman gives birth to a daughter who marries Turtleman, and their union produces two twin boys. Flint the left handed twin, and Skyholder the right handed twin. These two struggle with each other over who will dominate the earth. They go about making things. Skyholder makes human beings, the sunflower, blue bird and red willow. His brother cannot make a human; he makes an alligator, a snake, poison ivy and monkeys. The story tells the complex journey of original humans coming to Mother Earth, you and I live upon today. Our story includes our original instructions of how the Iroquois people (Haudenosaunee) Seneca, Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida, Mohawk, and Tuscarora are supposed to live.

Cobblestone Arts Center

Country: USA

Cobblestone Arts Center students were invited to participate in the 2016 Global Mural EXPO.   Painters: Eric N., Marybeth S., Jessica P.,Jerrell H.,Jessica S., Rahul, B. Brendan F., Laurie S.

The “Pisco” style painting of the Erie Canal was featured on Channel 8 during the Expo.

Mural: FOR SALE — The Erie Canal

FOR SALE — The Erie Canal

Monroe Community College Art Department

Country: USA

Art students under the direction on art teacher, Kathy Farrell painted a mural of the Underground Railroad. The students and Kathy Farrell were a huge help during Expo week. Thank you!

Mural: FOR SALE – Underground Railroad


Kathryn (Kady) Perry

Upstate New York

Kady Perry who was also a presenter during the conference is an artist from Binghamton, New Yor,k currently practicing in New Orleans. She is passionate about community art and encourages all muralists to be a part of social change.  Kady’s mural was painted as a Dream Ambassador for World Dream Day. on September 25, 2016, celebrating five years of activating dreams globally. 

Mural: FOR SALE – World Dream Day Mural  — Transforming the World One Dream at a Time



Transforming the World One Dream at a Time

Please contact Mark DeCracker at for more information about mural sales.