Held In Celebration of the Arts!

Saturday, September 24, 2016


Part of the Proceeds Benefitted the Cobblestone Arts Center


Featured Guest Speakers for the evening were Lorene Benson, Executive Director, Cobblestone Educational Arts Center and John Pugh, internationally known Trompe I’oeil artist whose work can be seen from New Zealand to Hawaii


Announcement of the Host for The 11th Global Mural Conference to be held in 2018



The evening featured music entertainment by  CROSSMOLINA 



Named for a town in County Mayo, Ireland, Crossmolina started out as the folk duo of Bill and Annie Wroblewski. With the addition of Laurie Leenhouts and Don Warren we are now a full fledged folk rock band. (Say that three times fast!) But our repertoire is not limited to folk (Irish or otherwise) or any particular genre. You’ll hear a mix of Celtic, pop, oldies, country and whatever else suits our fancy and our voices. We’ve always specialized in vocal harmonies and often have four part harmony going. We play in pubs, coffee shops, parks, festivals and private parties among other venues.




The 2016 Planning Committee would like to thank all who contributed to the success of this event.

Mark DeCracker, Conference Chairperson

Amy Colburn, Expo Chairperson

Lisa Petrosino, Mural Mosaic Chairperson

Marie Cramer, Joan Wallis, Cheryl longyear

“There is a possibility for communities to come together through public art and at each wall I have painted I’ve met local artists, business people, passers by who give a local insight which contributes the look of each piece I paint.”

— Damien Mitchell